Real testimonials, from real BRMT students.

BRMT was developed as a tool for therapists to use with their clients. Many of our students work with infants and/ or children. However, in our classes we emphasize making change in our own bodies before bringing it to those we work with and those we love.

This is why so many of our students are profoundly affected by their first BRMT course. Our techniques often make pronounced, immediate, positive changes in people’s bodies and thought processes, which makes each course a uniquely transformative experience for all who attend.

January 2019

"During the 35 year period that I have practiced as a physical therapist,  I have used myriad  healing interventions for my clients.  Several months ago I  learned and  initiated the regular use of BRMT in my clinic.  After observing the results of BRMT, I note that for willing participants, it is  the single most powerful intervention of my career, thus far,  regarding body healing and remedy for balance, gait pattern and posture  issues. It supports overall well being and is also  a power antidote to resolve musculoskeletal and nerve pain.

BRMT provides a gradual re-awakening of the brain-body connection restoring coordinated and smooth body movement while fostering  emotional healing to support overall healing of the body, soul and mind.  BRMT re-opens  multi-faceted highway that connects   the body and mind  allowing body movement to return to the free,  elegant and  symbiotic dance it  is meant to be."

Diane M., BRMT student and Physical Therapist

October 2017

This is such practical knowledge. Why isn’t this taught in colleges? Why doesn’t everybody know about this?

H.B, BRMT student

May 2018

A very beneficial tool for those who work with children and adults in any setting.

Christina D., BRMT student

August 2017

Two days had a profound positive impact on my body - I’m excited to continue this work on myself and in my family.

Molly H., BRMT student

November 2018

Kate [Wagner], wow! I am especially grateful for the work you do! I have said for years that there are a lot of people with a license who are not therapists and a lot of people who are therapists without a license. You are a therapist and a teacher! Looking forward to Level 2 in February! 

Dave Boyland, BRMT student

June 2017

Best training I have attended in my 22 year career. [Kate Wagner] is knowledgeable and passionate about this treatment. Her enthusiasm draws you into the course.

Amy, BRMT student

August 2017

I woke up without pain for the first time in months. I feel ten times better today than I did yesterday.

A.D., BRMT student

December 2016

You need to take this course. It will add so much to your therapy toolbox.

Noelle W, OT/LR and BRMT student

May 2017

These protocols offer great hope for minimizing barriers to learning and self-actualization.

Laurel Hurst, BRMT Consultant