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Blomberg RMT is the key to therapy.

Looking for a new way to assess and address a condition?

Not getting the anticipated results from your current therapy routine?

BRMT lays the foundation for you to achieve and surpass your desired therapeutic results.

Primitive reflex integration is the new frontier of movement-based therapy. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training is the original work of Harald Blomberg, MD and the leading reflex integration program because of its ease of implementation and dramatic, immediate, and long-term global results.

Everyone has active primitive reflexes that affect our emotional, physical and cognitive well being. Learn how they are affecting you and take charge of your health by doing a few simple yet profound movements. It will change your life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate forward-thinking therapists, chiropractors, doctors, allied healthcare professionals, teachers and parents in this effective technique. By equipping them with the powerful tool of BRMT to enhance outcomes of the students, clients, patients and adults in their care, we strive to improve healthcare today. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training is a ground-breaking technique that is already being used around the world.

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What we do

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training is a therapy based on gentle, rocking movements. These movements imitate the innate motions that an infant will make when learning to crawl and walk. These movements are very specific, and as a baby repeats them they are integrating their primitive reflexes.



The Original Rhythmic Movement training created by Dr. Blomberg

You may find other primitive reflex integration courses out there. BRMT is the original work of Harald Blomberg, MD and is continuously updated by Dr. Blomberg himself. Clinically proven results.



Different countries

BRMT is taught around the world by higlhy trained licensed instructors. Classes are offered regularly in Belgium, Brazil, Canada (French and English), China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, USA. And other countries intermittently. Check our international course offerings at



years in the Making

Since the concept was first adapted from the work of Kirsten Linde in the 1980’s, the BRMT community has been innovating and adapting to health trends (like increased incidence of ADD/ADHD and Autism). This holistic approach offers many innovative features beyond the reflex integration movements.


To parents, teachers, and therapists:

Are your children experiencing problems with stress, anxiety, learning difficulties, coordination and motor skills, emotional regulation, or mental health? Are you getting the outcomes you anticipated, especially with your current therapies?

Rhythmic Movement Training is a holistic technique that supplements and enhances other therapies. BRMT utilizes movements that exist as inborn reflex patterns to help an individual develop normally and perform optimally.

The brain of a properly stimulated newborn infant grows at a rate of 1% a day, and this rapid growth is achieved through movement and sensory stimulation. BRMT mimics this process of neural development by using the same innate movement patterns that infants do naturally. Simply put, BRMT matures the brain by creating specific new neural connections that translate into physical, cognitive, and emotional change.

Active reflexes have global implications, affecting psychological, physical, and cognitive wellbeing. These specific movements assist in integrating the primitive, postural and lifelong reflexes with the goal of bringing each child to their maximum potential.

For infants, children, teens and adults:

Primitive reflex integration is a natural process that starts in utero and sets the foundation for brain and body development. However, sometimes these reflexes never integrate or they become reactivated later in life. This leads to common physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms that many people accept as a part of their everyday lives.

We don’t have to live with pain, muscle tension, mental health problems, learning difficulties, sleep problems, or even stress. Blomberg RMT fills in the physical, cognitive and psychological gaps by completing developmental steps that may have been missed because of prenatal trauma, injury, stress, or environmental conditions during infancy or later in life.

The reflex circuit involves sensory input, brain processing, and motor response.  BRMT delivers a specific sensory input (proprioceptive, tactile, and vestibular) through gentle, rocking movements and isometric techniques. These movements are processed by the nervous system, creating new neural pathways that translate into immediate, lasting physical and cognitive results. This neuro-developmental process makes BRMT a tool for people of all ages and conditions.


Our Programs

You may notice that some of our courses have multiple levels. There’s BRMT Levels One, Two, and Three, Pain Management Levels One and Two, and Exceptional Children Levels One and Two. There are no prerequisites for taking a Level One course, but upper-level and specialty courses do require prior training.


BRMT Fundamentals

BRMT Levels One, Two, and Three teach the fundamentals of primitive reflex integration as well as the theory behind it. Each course focuses on a different part of the brain and the symptoms, diagnoses, and reflexes associated with that part of the brain. BRMT Level One is a perfect introduction for anyone interested in primitive reflex integration.

Pain Management

Chronic and acute pain, fixations, and muscle tension are all related to active primitive reflexes. The Pain Management courses teach how to absolve pain and fatigue in adults and elderly people using gentle, rocking movements. Students in these courses regularly see dramatic improvements in posture and chronic pain after just one day of class.

Exceptional Children

Exceptional Children Levels One and Two and Kindergarten all focus on using BRMT primitive reflex integration techniques with children under 10. These courses include games and activities to integrate reflexes in a therapeutic or classroom setting, because BRMT is something that everyone can enjoy.


BRMT is a holistic health program, and no health program would be complete without discussing diet. The foods we eat affect our mood, cognition, energy levels, digestion, and mobility. Certain foods can cause inflammation in the body, leading to a variety of adverse symptoms including headaches, joint pain, digestive problems, emotional outbursts, and poor concentration. Combining a personalized diet plan with BRMT movements is the most effective way to transform your health.


October 2017

Two days had a profound positive impact on my body - I’m excited to continue this work on myself and in my family.

Molly H., BRMT student / Read More Testimonials



BRMT and you

There are several ways that you can begin learning about BRMT and incorporating it into your life, whether you’re a therapist, teacher, practitioner, parent, or someone interested in improving your own wellbeing. We have highly trained instructors located around North America, and we teach courses around the world. Most of our instructors provide one-on-one consultation services, so if you or your child is experiencing difficulties you can find a consultant or instructor near you.


Find an upcoming course

Most of our courses are taught on weekends. If you or a group of people would like to sponsor a course near you, contact your nearest instructor and we can help you set one up.

Find an Instructor near you

Our instructors and consultants are located all around the US. Feel free to reach out to any of them for more information on BRMT, primitive reflexes, classes and private consultations.

Learn More about our programs

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training can aid a wide variety of challenges we experience, and our programs are designed to focus on specific applications of primitive reflex integration.